pentode pricing

The More You Talk; The Less You Pay.

Scaled, less-per-minute-use net pricing, is cost effective and profitable if you have billable clients!

You need personal friends, coworkers, and associates to all work together in sharing confidential and often critically sensitive, data and files.  That can mean hours of confidential calls and secure sharing of private information and files every month.  We understand your personal security is actually at risk – when sharing personal data and files! 

If you have a business with clients and charge for billable time, we provide access to a tiered pricing system to help contain costs when the situation mandates secure audio and video calls. 

You pay only $2.12 per minute over 151 combined hours monthly.  


You pay only $2.63 per minute 31 to 150 combined hours monthly.


You pay only $3.14 per minute up to 30 combined hours monthly.


  • Just $39.95 per month and receive 10 minutes of free audio & video calling.
  • No contract, cancel anytime, no reason necessary!
  • Our tiered PENTODE pricing system provides for lowing the cost per minute of audio & video calls, the more minutes that are used in a billing period.
  • Plus, our Net Pricing Schedule actually turns a pure Cost Center into a Profit Center!




























































pentode pricing

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