Using Big Tech Firms Could Be a Big Risk.

Today personal information is gold and data security is vital.

                • Because of the popularity with secure messaging, it has attracted a darker side to infiltrate and attack any potentially vulnerable weak links.
                • These targets for cyber-attacks include personal sensitive information that are permanently stored on servers, along with any undelivered text and media files on servers for up to 30 days, maybe longer, during attempted delivery.

PENTODE For Privacy Secured!

Instant Messaging and File Sharing with Personal Security.

Introducing PENTODE designed for individuals who can’t afford having conversations and documents intercepted and stolen.  Now you can have same encrypted security as corporations when you need it most, for those times when you just can’t afford to take chances of having information stolen or worse.

All messages automatically deleted when finished and app is closed. 

For only $2.95 a month, which includes one hour of FREE audio and video calling you are the Administrator of your own, invitation-only private Membership Circle for absolute anonymity and private wireless communication.

We love our software users, we just don’t want to know who they are.®

You lose control of sensitive files sent to their servers!

Weak links are cyber-attack opportunities

          • In this mobile society, secure messaging solutions are constantly under attack.
          • Secure messaging solutions like the world’s number one most popular messaging app, are used because it is believed they are safe.
          • No one can read your messages or access personal data or attached files except for you, right?
          • Unfortunately, that’s not true, messaging app databases can be hacked!
          • Storing sensitive personal information, results in a glaring weakness.  Even with E2EE, all cyber-attacks where critical information and data were breached, stolen, or otherwise compromised, have one thing in common…
          • They employed a server in the middle with E2EE.

Experts Agree: Point-to-Point Encryption is Superior and Mobile Data Security is Vital.

Law enforcement officers often make hundreds of calls, texts and other communications a month in the line of duty using the convenience of their smart phone with the risk of intercepted, hacked transmission. However, critical voice, text, video and data files must remain private to secure operational and case integrity.”

Current Security Expert, Former Police Officer

“It is crucial for our clients to have data security while using their smart phone in voice and text discussions and file sharing critical documents.”

Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE     Thompson Patent Law

“There’s some who claim E2E encryption is safer than P2P encryption. But in reality, P2P encryption seems to be better (from a security standpoint).”   Click below to read his article.

Miguel Morales | My IT Guy 

Using the Big Tech firms to share sensitive data with others over the Internet, is a big risk you don’t have to take.  You actually give up control of your personal information and files when you tap or click send.

What’s worse, they even tell you they are NOT responsible for those files while on their servers waiting to deliver the information and files!

Why give bad actors a chance to steal or compromise YOUR confidential files that may be stored on Big Tech servers?

12AX7 LOGIC developed the first secure Peer-to-Peer wireless connection with Point-to-Point Encryption, messenger app used over the Internet with five patents for encrypted data transfer, directly between wireless devices.

The first secure, invitation-only communication network with direct wireless connection over the Internet is here! A truly private and secure communication network for professionals is now possible with direct, person-to-person encrypted file sharing, instant messaging and secure audio and video calling. Increased cyber threats require increased security.

  • From lawyers and doctors to professionals in sports, high tech and finance, there are no safe spaces online.
  • When relying on the Internet, up to now, the trade-offs are privacy and security for convenience.
  • Not anymore. 12AX7 LOGIC owns the space directly between wirelessly connected devices via its world-class encrypted, private communications network.
  • Providing a truly secure way for direct, wireless connection for encrypted instant messaging and file sharing.
  • PENTODE uses world-class AES-256 encryption for personal and commercial wireless data sharing use with a phone or tablet mobile device.

Features & Benefits

Are You Putting Confidential Files in the Hands of Hackers?

When you share sensitive files on today’s popular messaging and file sharing apps, you give up control of them when you click, Send!

When you use today’s popular file and data sharing apps – you store your critically sensitive data and files on their server. There is a better way. Direct Connection over the Internet.

Person-to-person (P2P) file transfer is the process of sharing digital data and files from one device, directly to another. Files can be shared directly between devices without the need of a central server.

We developed an easy-to-use, popular instant messaging data and file sharing wireless system, with secure audio/video calling. By uniquely bypassing the typical role of a highly vulnerable public cloud used by today’s popular messaging and file sharing applications, we provide an individually secure and private server-less connection to directly link people together on a private, invitation-only personal communications grid.

We love our software users, we just don’t want to know who they are™.

Features & Benefits

  • Device-to-device (P2P) serverless direct connection over the internet
  • No fear in having an unknown far-away servers involved in connecting and having stored access to highly critical data files.
  • Blind connection device authentication user anonymity authorization
  • Safety in not having to share actual user identity.
  • Non-stop data and file transmission from point A to point B with no servers used to connect devices
  • Peace of mind knowing information is not stored and open to malicious attacks of compromise and theft.
  • Advanced AES-256 encryption
  • Assurance that private information stays private.
  • Encrypted audio and video calling
  • Feeling comfortable with what you say and see.
  • Encrypted contact information sharing
  • Feeling secure in not having contact information stolen.
  • Encrypted data & file sharing, includingMP3 and MP4 files
  • Confidence in sharing critical, proprietary and classified documents, audio and video files.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about PENTODE.

What is PENTODE?

PENTODE is a live, encrypted messaging and file sharing application that brings patented person-to-person (P2P) direct wireless connection between devices, with a server-less connection ability over the Internet. Our service features include live audio and video calling, instant messaging, contact information and file sharing.

How does PENTODE work?

PENTODE works over multiple communication channels to share instant messaging, contact information and file sharing.  Each communication channel has its advantages and limitations.


  • Internet: For audio and video calling and all encrypted contact information and file sharing on any cellular data network connected to the Internet.
  • WiFi Direct: For encrypted instant messaging, contact information and file sharing that brings patented peer-to-peer (P2P) direct server-less wireless connection between devices.
  • Bluetooth: For encrypted instant messaging, contact information and file sharing that brings patented peer-to-peer (P2P) direct server-less wireless connection between devices.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Encrypted instant messaging that brings patented peer-to-peer (P2P) direct server-less wireless connection between BLE allowable devices.

View the PENTODE Operating Instructions (PDF)



What devices does PENTODE work on?

PENTODE is a free application that can be downloaded onto any iOS (iPhone of iPad), Android cell phone or tablet.

How does PENTODE compare to other messaging and file sharing apps?

All messaging and file sharing apps that utilize End-to-End Encryption (E2EE), must use an unknown, server to share data and files.  That server is vulnerable to cyber espionage, data breaches, and Man-in-the-middle (MITM) while-in-use, hacking of stored data and files to actually make the connection between the two devices.

PENTODE is the only patented, peer-to-peer (P2P) application that offers a direct, wireless server-less connection between devices, for live, encrypted messaging and file sharing ability over the Internet.  Our service uniquely also features live audio and video calling, while simultaneously providing direct server-less, secure encrypted connection for data and file sharing.  Simply, connecting directly is more secure.  It can’t be stolen, if it isn’t there™.

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