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Secure. Private Wireless Communication.

Encrypted, Server-less, Wireless Connection for Government Services.

We understand the needs of the Government, Federal and Defense contractors and have built a delivery model focused around quality, turnaround time and the cost savings for our valued government clients.  12AX7 LOGIC provides products and services, to privately communicate and securely share, critical Classified and Safeguards Information wirelessly on any device.

While SGI may be considered to be sensitive unclassified information, its handling and protection may more closely resemble the handling of classified Confidential information than other sensitive unclassified information.

Wirelessly protecting Classified data may be mission critical.

If you are a government professional in the Department of Defense, or among the many U.S. intelligence community’s organizations including:

  • NRC
  • OIA
  • INR
  • DEA
  • DHS
  • NSA
  • CIA
  • FBI
  • DOD

Your phone or tablet devices are filled with highly sensitive, perhaps even classified confidential information – you need a secure and private means of wirelessly communicating and sharing conversations and documents. 

For example, senior personnel attending a conference or event would like to securely download from a secure computer and later, and wirelessly send encrypted, sensitive Classified or SGI onsite and remotely to colleagues  

  • How can you be sure that this sensitive Classified or SGI will not be intercepted in today’s security challenged environment?
  • 12AX7 LOGIC can ensure it, with PENTODE, a secure, private, invitation-only communications grid for government professionals.
  • Secure Point-to-Point, Server-less connection assures no files or data can be intercepted.


  • It can’t be stolen, if it isn’t there™

The following are NAICS and Product & Service Codes we offer services in:



Software Publishers


Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services


Custom Computer Programming Services


Computer Systems Design Services


Computer Training


Product & Services Codes

5810 Communications Security Equipment and Componets

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