Secure. Private File Sharing
and Communications.

Encrypted, Invitation-only, Direct Wireless Communication Network for Professionals.

12AX7 LOGIC provides invitation-only communication products and a private-cloud platform, to securely share critically sensitive files and privately communicate wirelessly on any mobile device.

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Experts Agree: Point-to-Point Encryption is Superior and Mobile Data Security is Vital.

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If you are a high-profile professional in:

Your phone or tablet mobile devices are often filled with highly sensitive, personal, and proprietary information – you need a secure and private means of wirelessly sharing critically confidential, legally sensitive documents or files while privately communicating.

How can you be sure that this sensitive information will not be intercepted or stolen in today’s security challenged environment?

12AX7 LOGIC can ensure it, with Pentode, a secure, private, invitation-only file sharing and communications network for professionals.

Secure Point-to-Point, Server-less connection assures no files or data can be intercepted.

It can’t be stolen, if it isn’t there®