Secure. Private Wireless Communication.

Encrypted, Server-less, Wireless Connection for Legal Services.

We understand the needs of the Legal profession to have secure, private communications with clients, along with the cost savings necessary for profitability. 12AX7 LOGIC provides products and services, to privately communicate and securely share, encrypted, critically confidential even Classified and Safeguarded Information and documents wirelessly on any device.  

  • Our unique, minute-by-minute, Net Cost pricing strategy, enables customers to pass on the overall cost of using this valuable client-communication service tool, paying a reduced net-cost turning client interaction – into a profit center.
  • With our unique, net cost pricing schedule, customers can use our elegantly designed, simple-to-use communication system, only when they absolutely need to have a secure, sealed-environment for closely guarded, critical and sensitive, conversations, data and file sharing with their clients.




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