Secure Point-to-Point Encryption vs. End-to-End Encryption in 2022

May 5, 2022 | Technology

The illustration of the client-server network as compared to a peer-peer (P2P) network, clearly illustrates the profound increase in security of P2P connection, with the absence of a server used to make connections. When a connection is set up directly from one secured wireless device directly to another secured wireless device a dramatic reduction in opportunities for cyber threats is achieved by sharing encrypted data and media. Although E2EE encryption is known to be secure with the client-server architecture, the ability of have a highly functioning secure messaging solution, with the least number of computer components working with each other, is clearly an advantage obtained with a secure peer-to-peer connection, as compared with a client-server model.

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Reduce the ability of bad actors to access important data. 

CONCLUSION: Choose P2PE Rather Than E2EE for More Secure Architecture

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